Are You Wired to be an Entrepreneur?

Do you have lots of new ideas? Does it give you energy to think about exploring something new? Do you find yourself daydreaming about how you can solve problems? If you answered yes to these questions, you might be innately wired to be an entrepreneur. 

The word entrepreneur sounds like it comes from a stuffy old book, but it really just means your commitment to “the hustle”. Entrepreneurs are like scientists in a lot of ways: constantly testing new ideas, products and combinations of elements in search of the best answer. These are the thinkers and doers that keep our society going, by asking questions about what is needed now and how they can help. Essentially, it’s someone willing to take on the risk of starting a new business venture; from chefs opening food trucks to the startups growing the gig economy. So, if you’re asking now if you could be an entrepreneur, it might be helpful to consider some dominant traits in Gen Z.

"Gen Z are 22% more likely to possess entrepreneurial traits than Millennials"

Of all of the generations, our research on over one million participants shows that Gen Z are innately the most adaptive and creative. Infact, Gen Z are 22% more likely to possess entrepreneurial traits than Millennials.  Being adaptive refers to the willingness to change based on what a group needs. This trait leans into trusting the good in others and working to get everyone on the same page (which often means making adjustments to the original plan). Creativity is all about the inclination to explore, to try new things, to imagine the possibilities. This combination creates synergy, empowering the individual to not only dream big, but giving them the tools to achieve their dreams.

Gen Z is also uniquely positioned in a digital context.

Gen Z knows the world in a global way that previous generations have not been able to experience before. You know that there are new business solutions in the world of apps, and you have the creativity to think beyond the ways that something has always been done. You and your peers share energy and ideas through all kinds of platforms that allow you to generate content (and maybe cash too) on the regular. The influx of information you receive gives you endless opportunities to engage, and to consider solutions that have never existed before. Your hustle could be the answer to your “what’s next” and it could be way more than that too.

At Innate, we’ve designed this assessment to further explore if you’re ready to take the next step as an entrepreneur. In just a few short minutes you will receive an expert-backed assessment and guidance to provide key insights into your Innate entrepreneurship.

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