Impact: Why, How and Where



Why We Give

Innate was created on three foundational pillars

To impact peoples lives by knowing how they're innately wired

To ensure fiscal stewardship by keeping operating costs low

To embrace generosity by giving $1 out of every $3 earned

How We Give

For every $3 we make, we give $1 away

We are committed to dedicating at least one-third of our annual net profits to a giving fund managed by our Giving Team.  Innate will give impact grants to local partners around the world who are entrepreneurial in their approach and working to create positive change across three impact areas.

Where We Give

We are passionate about children, the environment & the marginalized

We believe that everyone has a responsibility to take care of those who can't take care of themselves.  Helping Humanity is at the core of Innate's generosity mission and we focus our 'impact' on three funding areas: Children (foster care, education, heath); Environment (global warming); and the Marginalized (clean water, homeless, incarcerated). 

Impact Areas

Impacting Children

We believe that every child should have opportunities to grow up in a safe, healthy and caring environment.  We have a strong passion to advocate for children who have lost their parents support due to circumstances beyond the child's control.  We feel that every child should be supported with education to prepare them for a viable and sustainable future.  Please check out our featured non-profit impacting children below.

Impacting the Environment

We believe that everyone is responsible for taking care of our environment or there won't be a future for the generations to come. We can't be short-sighted and need to ACT NOW!  Most developed nations have acknowledged that global warming has been occurring for decades and the major cause is CO2 emissions.  Please check out our featured non-profit impacting the environment below. 

Impacting the Marginalized

Many people have been categorized into groups which have been marginalized by society today.  We believe many people are in circumstances they can't find a way out of and need advocates to represent their interests for a better life. Whether categorized by poverty, homelessness, incarceration or where you were born, it is society's obligation to love and care for these people.  Please check out our featured non-profit impacting the marginalized below.

"To those whom much is given, much is expected."

President John F. Kennedy

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