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What students, parents and advisors are saying about Innate.
"The INNATE Assessment has been eye-opening to identify how each of our students are hard-wired, what makes them unique from others in their class and how they learn best in the classroom. Even our parents have appreciated better understanding their children."

Arnie G, High School Counselor

"Wow, it was eye opening to see how differently wired my two high school children are. When I looked at each of their learning styles, it became clear why one was struggling in school and the other wasn’t. I also realized that I can’t use the same approach and parenting style for both."

Jamie S, Parent

"The College Essay Writing Tool has simplified the process of creating college application essays. Coupled with the Innate Assessment, this tool helps guide our students in creating a life story that reflects their personality and who they really are."

Betty S, High School Counselor

"Being able to narrow which college majors are a great fit for me, INNATE has taken much of the stress out of declaring my major with confidence."

Sarah J, College Student

Professional Counselors

High School and College Counselors

Innate Advisor™ is a free platform designed for high school and college advisors to help students understand who they truly are, what makes them unique, their learning styles and environments, along with the strengths and challenges.

"Innate is a foundation for helping students find a pathway to their future."

Rod Johanson,
Director of Academic Success Center
Warner Pacific College,
Portland, Oregon