Innate was born from a simple idea

If we could help people understand who they truly are, their innate and unchanging nature, we could help them with the most critical decisions of their lives around education, careers and relationships.

Watch the story behind Innate

John Hall (CEO and Founder of Innate) describe why Innate was created.

How does Innate help high school and college students?

Innate helps high school and college students understand how they’re innately wired, what makes them unique, what are their learning styles, best learning environments, and challenges they will experience through life. With this foundation of understanding, Innate empowers students to choose the college, major and career that will keep them engaged, successful, and fulfilled.

Why do parents believe the college system is broken?

One of the major criticisms of higher education today is that it costs too much and delivers too little. Too often students are graduating from colleges with a degree or major that doesn’t compliment a career they’re uniquely wired to be engaged and fulfilled in. On top of that, the average time to graduate college is now 6-years, result two more years of college costs and increased student debt.

And the Innate Match tool not only calculates which careers and majors your child is wired to be engaged and fulfilled in, but helps you as parents to create a college plan for your child that gets them through college in four years, guaranteed.

See what the real College Facts are.

What makes Innate different?

  • Assessment accuracy

    Innate uses the most reliable assessment tool (97% accuracy) in the market today that measures an individual’s innate and unchanging nature.

  • Career mapping experience

    Innate draws on 20+ years of research experience using the assessment and profiling over 1,200 different careers with Fortune 500 firms and hundreds of other companies.

  • Major and College matching

    By helping an individual identify careers they are wired for and interested in, the Innate Match tool can tell you what college majors will get them into those careers, and what colleges offer those majors.