Innate was born from a simple idea

If we could help people understand who they are, we could also help them with the most critical decisions of their lives: education; career; marriage; parenting; and relationships.


We can guide a student to the ‘perfect match’ college based on their Innate
Assessment, interests, and preferences.


With more than 15 years of experience profiling over 1,200 careers with hundreds of companies, we can guide you toward the ideal career based on the Innate Assessment.


The Innate Assessment offers crucial insights not only into each spouse but also they’re shared interests and different conflict styles.


Each child’s Innate Assessment illuminates learning styles, future challenges, and what makes a child unique, which is essential information for having the right parenting approach for each child.


We can help you better understand why others look at the same picture and see it so differently, preventing conflicts and strengthening relationships.

Our Mission

One of the major criticisms of higher education today is that it costs too much and delivers too little. Too often students are graduating from colleges with a degree or major that doesn’t compliment how they’re uniquely wired.

The result is increased student debt and student dissatisfaction with their chosen
major and career path.

Innate was created to help high school and colleges students understand how they’re innately wired, what makes them unique, what are their learning styles, best learning environments, and challenges they will experience through life. With this foundation of understanding, Innate empowers students to choose the college, major and career that will keep them engaged, successful, and fulfilled.