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Does it feel like the men around you are getting ahead in their careers while you feel stuck? It might be related to your level of grit. Innate's 2022 Grit Research Project results show that men tend to be grittier than women, based on defining grit as a combination of higher levels of self-efficacy and self discipline with lower vulnerability to the effects of stress. This study shows men are 29.6% more likely to have grit than women.

"Men are 29.6% more likely to have grit than women."

This definition of grit might feel challenging to you, particularly if you feel that you were socially conditioned to develop other skills as a woman. A great place to start is by taking this quiz to determine your grit level. If you're already gritty, that's awesome and can help you to stand out. Or maybe you weren't as gritty as you'd like to be, and that is exactly what this next section is about.

Need to Grow Your Grit to Get Ahead?

Here are a few ways that you can develop your grittiness:

Create goals that are realistic, but reaching: starting with a couple of short term goals that you can accomplish in the next month is a great start. Then, when you've reached that goal, start working on a slightly bigger or longer-term goal. The idea is to stretch out of your comfort zone a little more each time, so that you can celebrate the wins and get motivated to achieve even more!

Find your why: it sounds too basic, but understanding your personal motivation can help you to persevere through challenges. Your why can be personal, practical or maybe a mixture: there isn't one right answer here, but instead an opportunity to hone in on what matters to you.

Work to envision yourself as separate from your stress:
creating this space can allow you to see events and stressors more clearly, which can allow you to be less impacted. Using meditation as a practice may help you to start increasing the separation between you and your stressors: even starting small with a few minutes can be a great way to recenter and come back to your why. Remember, vulnerability in this case refers to the influence of stress, so learning to minimize the impact can increase your grittiness. Overall, it's important to remember that grit is something that you have the power to build, and the more challenges you face and overcome, the more your confidence can grow too. We wanted to provide this assessment as a way for you to evaluate your grit levels in an un-biased and expert-led way. Innate's assessment has been used in the corporate marketplace for over 25 years with millions of assessments taken since 1995. Based on your assessment results (innate wiring), the Innate Match can provide guidance you can use to continue to build your arit levels.

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Men are 29.6% more likely to have grit than women

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