Top College Majors for 63% of Gen Zers

About 2/3rds of Gen Z students have one of these three personality traits: Adaptive, Creative, or Reserved. If any of your top-2 traits are one of these personality traits, see which college majors are a good fit. If you want more insights into your innate wiring and what makes these college majors a good fit for you, be sure to click on each sections <read more> button.

Top College Majors for Adaptives (32%)

  • Psychology, sociology, or education
  • Social work
  • Emergency medical services
  • Education

Adaptives: You are sympathetic, cooperative, tolerant and accommodating.  You usually want to get along with other people more than you want to achieve your own individual goals, so you are willing to compromise to help others.  You are humble and altruistic, spending significant time and energy helping other people.


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Top College Majors for Creatives (19%)

  • Graphic design, industrial design, or digital arts
  • Business administration and communications
  • Education, psychology, or sociology
  • Web Development

Creatives: You are comfortable with abstract ideas.  You enjoy talking and thinking about theories and concepts, even if the concepts are unproven.  You appreciate creative, original, innovative ideas, and enjoy thinking about the future and what it might hold.  Because you appreciate ideas for their own sake, you usually enjoy the arts and cultural pursuits.  You are interested in having experiences that expand your mind and encourage you to think about things in a new way.


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Top College Majors for Reserves (12%)

  • Engineering
  • Finance, accounting
  • Medical technology, clinical laboratory science
  • Information and cybersecurity

Reserves: You are introverted, reserved, calm and low-key.  You are easily overstimulated and avoid busy and noisy environments as you find them to be overwhelming.  You keep your social life fairly simple, as you may find dealing with people saps your energy and is often unrewarding. You often find it difficult to express yourself and may prefer others to do the talking.  You are generally calm and not easily excited about life.  You might realize you are less motivated than other people to achieve things like money, status, adventure, romance, or popularity.


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