Top 5 College Admission Consultants of 2023

Getting into college is no small task, especially if you are aiming for a top-tier college or university. A college admissions consultant can help students and families navigate the difficult process of applying and getting into the best colleges in the United States.

Even though a good SAT or ACT score is important, it is no longer the only metric used by colleges and universities. Schools are now considering many different factors, including GPA, test scores, community service, extracurriculars, courses taken in high school and the overall quality of the student’s application.

The best college admissions consultants spend time thoroughly educating students on the application process, building their confidence and preparing them for future success in their collegiate and post-collegiate careers. By enhancing a student’s academic decision-making, creating strategic plans for the admissions process and guiding the student every step of the way, the best college admissions consultants help students achieve their desired college results. Use our reviews of the best college admissions consultants to find the best choice for you.

Best College Admission Consultants

  • Best Coaching Value -
  • Best Student Self-Awareness Coaching - College Flight Plan
  • Best Comprehensive Coaching -
  • Best Tenure Coaching - Princeton Review
  • Best College Acceptance Analysis -

(Best Coaching Value)

CollegeAdvisor has a team of 350+ former admissions officers and college advisors from elite universities ready to support students with their college admissions. CollegeAdvisor helps with essays, scholarship applications and interviews by offering affordable and personalized college admissions advising. They work with students across the US and international students from more than 60 countries looking to attend college in the United States.

In addition, CollegeAdvisor offers a range of free resources to get started, including Essay Guides & Examples, Financial Aid Guides and over 250 live or recorded webinars on critical parts of the college application process.

Key Statistics
· 350+ former admissions officers and college advisors in advising network
·  91% of students are accepted to at least three of their top-eight choices
·  9.3/10 average customer rating by past clients
·  4,000+ students have received acceptances at every top-100 school in the US

Comprehensive and personalized packages:
· Premium: 10 hours of coaching + essay editing
·  Elite: 20+ hours of coaching + essay editing
·  Platinum: 30+ hours of coaching + essay editing
·  Ivy Plus: 40+ hours of coaching + essay editing
Pricing ranges from $1,000 to $10,000+

College Flight Plan
(Best Student Self-Awareness Coaching)

For students seeking valuable feedback and confirmation of their natural abilities in order to determine their life's direction, College Flight Plan is the best first step in the college planning process.

Students are guided through simple exercises and assessments to discover their core values, strengths, personal goals, and unique purpose. With this powerful information, they can confidently determine how to get into college and the career paths best suited for them. They will be able to express themselves meaningfully and clearly in interviews and college application essays. Students will go from surviving to thriving as they choose a profession and are accepted into college, studying a major that best suits them, and graduating in four years.

Parents, if you are concerned about your child’s sense of direction and purpose, let College Flight Plan be their guide. With over 20 years of one-on-one consulting experience, they guide teens through a simple process to discover their individual strengths, purpose, values, and goals as they direct those qualities toward success in college and a fulfilling career. Sometimes, college is not the answer, but admissions officers rave about their students for those who decide to apply. Families save time and money in this process and for these reasons, Innate highly recommends College Flight Plan for the best self-awareness coaching available today.

· Essential Self-Awareness Course (6-hour self-paced course) = $497
·  Comprehensive Self-Awareness Course + 1 hour coaching session = $997
·  Facilitated 1-on-1 Self-Awareness Course (10-12 hours of coaching = $3,997
·  Variety of College Essay Writing and Editing Services = $99 - $350

(Best Comprehensive Coaching)


Collegewise is a college admissions consulting firm with 10 locations and more than 70 counselors and tutors. They have helped over 25,000 students gain college admission over the past 20 years. Collegewise allows students to pay on an hourly basis or purchase a bundle of college admissions services.

Collegewise provides services to 8th and 9th graders to educate them on how to choose high school courses, excel in class and prepare themselves for the college admissions process. It also offers college consulting service for 10th to 12th graders, helping them perfect their essays, choose colleges and majors, receive financial aid, improve their letters of recommendation and properly fill out their applications. To explain and market their services, they offer numerous free seminars on the admissions process for students and parents.

Key Statistics
· 26,000+ students admitted
·  92% of students accepted to their top-3 schools
·  23+ years of admissions experience (500+ years combined experience)
·  9 of 10 families recommend Collegewise to friends

· Packages range from $7,500 to $12,000
·  Hourly Consulting Rate: $300

Princeton Review
(Best Tenure Coaching)

Princeton Review

For more than 40 years, students and their families have trusted The Princeton Review to get them into their dream schools. Their mission is to provide personalized, innovative, best-in-class private tutoring, test prep and admission services to help students knock down barriers and achieve their academic goals.

The Princeton Review believes that having the right admissions strategy matters. Students meet with their team to thoughtfully plan and execute their approach to coursework, extracurricular activities, testing and other key components of their college applications. Strategic analysis of a student’s current academic and extracurricular profile allows them to see where students are, address any gaps in their experience and identify ways to highlight their strengths. Students will be guided through the nuanced details of application forms and a thoughtful, personalized approach will help them stand out from the crowd.

Key Statistics
· 5-star (4.8 out of 5) rating by students on getting them into top colleges
·  96% of students gave Princeton Review a 5-star overall rating
·  77% of admission counseling students enrolled in one of their top-3 colleges
·  40+ years in the college admissions business

· Packages from $500 - $3,500
·  On-Demand Admissions Support: $1,099
·  Freshman - Strategy Session: $299
·  Sophomores - Edge Strategic Plan: $549
·  Juniors – Ultimate Admissions Package: $3,499
·  Seniors – Premier Essay & Application Review: $499

(Best College Acceptance Analysis)


Empowerly provides college admissions consulting tailored to a student’s real-life experience to ensure admission success. They realize the college application process can be overwhelming, confusing and not always straightforward. By helping students understand the A to Z of the application process itself, Empowerly’s college application counseling makes them stand out.

With the Empowerly Score tool, you get a valuable holistic analysis of how you measure up against students applying to your same colleges. First, the tool measures and monitors a three-pronged evaluation of academics, extracurriculars, and written essays. Secondly, it analyzes the impact of every key factor included in a college application to assess your competitiveness for top U.S. colleges.  Third, you will receive a score that provides your specific strengths, areas for improvement and how to best to set yourself apart from other applicants.  This is why Innate selected Empowerly as the best college acceptance analysis service in the market today.

As their name signifies, they empower students to reach their full potential with help getting into their top choice school. Empowerly’s proven team of college admissions counselors works directly with students and families to provide the indispensable guidance and insight those applying to college will need during this pivotal moment.

Key Statistics
· 98% of Empowerly’s class of 2022 got into a top-100 US college
·  94% accepted into top-50 schools
·  Up to 11x improvement in college admissions rates
·  25x more time spent with our counselors than with the average high school counselor

· Packages start at $4,500

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