Top College Majors for Creatives

Your greatest strength is imagining what could be. You can see a new way to do things, a way to use what you have to make something new, and ideas for how change can happen. You’re not afraid to push the boundaries of what has been, and you’re excited by the process.

Nearly 1 in 5 Gen Zer's are Creative
as one of their top-2 traits

Sometimes, we treat creativity as a binary idea - either you have it or you don’t, and if you do, you’re not meant for anything practical. All of that is changing as we learn that creativity can be critical in all kinds of work. Nearly 1 in 5 Gen Zers have Creative as a top trait, and that is going to shape what your generation does in the world. Let’s look at the current top majors for Creative types.

Top College Majors:

  • Graphic design, industrial design, or digital arts
  • Business administration and communications
  • Education, psychology, or sociology
  • Web development

Graphic design, industrial design and digital arts
Maybe you already know that you’re creative in a traditional sense and have been wondering about getting an art degree. Along with that, you might be concerned that you won’t be able to make any money with an art degree. These are a few that will set you up for success as our world becomes more and more digital. Art majors like these will also help you prepare for a career of consistently working on new projects and creating new pieces.

Business administration and communications
You might have been surprised to see degrees in business and communications listed for Creatives, but the world is changing. More and more, the business world is realizing the need for employees and entrepreneurs who are willing to see beyond what has been and push into what could be. These degrees will help you understand the world of business and communications, while empowering you to bring your own voice and ideas to your work.

Education, psychology and sociology
All three of these majors are about working with people - which takes a surprising amount of creativity over the course of a career. Working with or teaching people often involves unique challenges and individual problems. Your creativity will help you to find solutions that might seem out of the box to other people.

Web development
Yet again, this is a field for the future: it is all about innovation. Your ability to persist through the trial and error of the creative process will be critical to your success. And majoring in web development will allow you the time and mentoring to really hone your skills before diving into your career.

What makes these majors a good fit for Creatives?

Each of these majors will help you develop your creativity in different ways: they each have structure and room for you to push the boundaries. What is most important for you is not to pick what seems like the most creative option, but rather to choose the option that fits the ways you like to use your own creativity. You already know there is more than one way to be creative, and choosing your college major is the next step in defining your path.

Key Takeaways

●      Choosing a major that fits your Innate traits can lead to long-term satisfaction and success in your career.
●      Top majors for Gen Z with a top trait of Creative are: Graphic design, industrial design, digital arts, business administration, communications, education, psychology, sociology and web development.

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