Top College Majors for Adaptives

Are you overwhelmed by all of the major options at colleges? Wondering where to start? Does your flexibility suddenly seem like a barrier to making a decision? All of these questions might actually be related to one of your top traits - Adaptive.

1/3rd of Gen Zer's are Adaptive
as one of their top-2 traits

People with Adaptive as their top trait are known for their willingness to change or modify their approach to reach a solution, their agreeableness, and their desire to ensure that everyones’ needs are met.

Top College Majors:

  • Psychology, sociology, or education
  • Social work
  • Emergency medical services
  • Education

Psychology or Sociology
These majors are focused on studying people - individually and collectively. Starting with this major might lead you towards research, counseling, or teaching. If you find yourself curious about how and why people and/or society functions, that might be a great reason to look further into these majors.

Social Work
This is also a social science major, but often more focused on helping others in tangible, practical ways. If you are often ready to jump in and help, to resolve a problem through action or if you feel energized by the process of helping someone, those could be great indicators that social work could be a good fit for you.

Emergency medical services
Just like it sounds, the focus here is intervening in medical crises, and giving you the practical skills to help in those emergencies. If you’re interested in the medical field, find yourself to be calm in stressful situations, and also energized by responding to uncertainty, emergency medical services might be a great area of study for you.

Majors in education learn about teaching, and also really focus on the study of learning. Great teachers are not just content experts, but also know what motivates others and how to optimize the learning experience. If you like helping others to learn new subjects and skills and can see how learning changes people and their communities, education might be the major for you.

What makes these majors a good fit for Adaptive types?

People-focus: each of these majors involve working with people, either through direct help, research, or teaching. These majors focus on specific ways of building relationships with others and helping them to move forward.

Solution-oriented: these majors can acknowledge that there are big and small problems to be solved in the world, and that you can be part of the solution. In particular, these majors will shape how you encourage and help others.

Key Takeaways

●      Choosing a major that fits your Innate traits can lead to long-term satisfaction and success in your career
●      Top majors for Gen Z with a top trait of Adaptive are: Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Emergency Medical Services, and Education

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