Why over one million people have taken our quizzes.

Innate helps you understand how you're hard wired. With this, we help with practical decisions around career guidance, college planning, and soft-skills development.

Career Guidance Quizzes

Career Match

What careers are you wired for?

Remote Work

You wired to work remotely?


Wired to be an Entrepreneur?

Job Happiness

Are you happy & engaged at your job?

Career Change?

Are you ready for a career change?

Resume Help

Your top-5 strengths to promote?


Are you a born leader?

College Planning Quizzes

College Major Match

What major should you declare?


How much grit do you have?

Career Match

What careers are you wired for?


Are you a born leader?

Our quizzes are based on the Five-Factor Model of Personality.

With decades of research behind it, it is one of the most widely accepted models used in psychology and corporate HR.

Innate has over 70 years of experience developing, administering and interpreting assessment results, researching and profiling hundreds of careers, and evaluating tens of thousands of individuals.

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