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Considering a Job Change? 

This Career Change Quiz will help you clarify:

  1. If you're engaged in your current job
  2. If you can change jobs easily
  3. Best-fit careers just for you

Changing careers can be scary, but it can also pay off big. If you want to find the perfect career match for you, take our quiz, today!

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Sample Results

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Current State: Are you 'engaged' in your current career?

Transition State: Can you make change easily?

Future State: What are the best-fit careers for you.

Career Change Quiz – FAQ

How does this quiz determine if I’m ready to change my career? 

Gallup’s 2022 Employee Engagement Poll shows that only 34% of employees are ‘engaged’ at work, leaving 66% of employees ‘not engaged’ or ‘miserable’. Our quiz is designed to help determine if you are 'engaged' in your current job or career. 

We measure three key factors that determine your overall engagement are:

(1) your relationships with management and leadership; 

(2) your workplace environment; 

(3) your opportunity for growth within the organization.

Secondly,  we can tell you if your are wired to make change easily or not.  If you can’t make change easily, we suggest staying with your career and finding a new employer.  If you can make change easily, we provide you with a listing of careers you are wired to be engaged and fulfilled in. 

Who is this quiz designed for? 

This quiz is predominantly aimed at anyone who is feeling as if their career is no longer satisfactory and their engagement is low. Of course, it’s more beneficial to younger audiences in the 40 and under demographic due to the time they have to effectively change careers before retirement. 

If you’re a millennial or Gen Z member of the workforce, and you’re not excited about going to work each day, this is the quiz for you. We’ll find the problem and offer a solution, ASAP. 

Is this career change quiz accurate? 

Yes. All our questions are designed by a team of industrial and organizational psychologists based on actionable data from across the workforce to ensure accurate results. So, your results are based on data from real sources. 

Why should I trust the results of this career change quiz? 

We’ve already helped thousands of people just like you make the big moves necessary to elevate their professional lives and find fulfillment. Try it yourself for free, and you’ll see that we truly care about your ability to succeed. 

How long will the assessment take? 

Your exact time might vary due to reading speed and how much effort you put into the test, but it usually takes less than 5 minutes. We’ve designed it to be quick, easy, and accurate. Of course, you should always take your time and be 100% honest. That’s the best way to get accurate results. 

Is it completely FREE? 

Yes. You will not pay a dime to take the quiz or see your results. We’re more focused on helping job seekers and those who are unsatisfied in their careers than making a quick buck. 

What makes Innate unique and reliable? 

First, our quiz is entirely free. You aren’t tricked into paying for your results like with other options. 

Also, we’re dedicated to accuracy. We use proven data to design all questions and generate all results. 

Our suggestions aren’t opinions. They’re fact-based recommendations. This ensures that you’re able to make practical decisions based on our recommendations rather than going off feel-good results like many unprofessional quiz options

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