Are you wired to be a Remote Worker?

During the global pandemic, millions of people have been required to work remotely from home. Many experts don’t believe this new trend in working remotely will be going away, so discover if you are wired to work in a remote environment.

Working in a remote environment

  • Am I wired to be a remote worker?
  • Will I be happy working remotely?
  • What are some tips in making remote work easier?

Based on extensive research from industrial and clinical psychologists with business management leaders, Innate has designed an assessment to help you quickly understand how you fit in a remote working environment. After you take the assessment, there is an optional Comprehensive Remote Worker Report available too.

STEP ONE: Take the free 5-minute Remote Worker Assessment

to see how you're innately wired to four remote worker traits


STEP TWO: If you choose, upgrade to the Comprehensive Report

and get detailed guidance for all nine remote worker traits

9 Traits

Today's Leading Remote Worker Assessment Tool

Leading Marketplace Assessment

  • 25+ years in the marketplace
  • Millions of assessments taken

Research & Trait Evaluation

  • Extensive research on remote work traits
  • Validated trait scoring algorythm

70 years combined experience

  • Industrial & Organizational Psychology
  • HR, Organizational Development & Recruiting 

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