Many parents have these questions

What careers are a great fit for my student?

Which college majors prepare them for careers of interest?

Which colleges have all the right majors to get them through in 4-years?

The founder of Innate had the same questions!

Hear why John Hall, CEO & Founder of Innate, created the Innate Match.

How to create a college plan you can be confident in?

High school students searching for the perfect college can be left drowning in rankings, ratings, brands, and advice. Innate provides a clear picture of your best options by focusing on the student, not the college.  We use two inputs: how you’re wired from The Innate Assessment and the Marketplace Career Mapping. This lets us identify specific college majors that will put you on the path to your ideal career. Then once you input your college preferences, for example, location, 4-year vs 2-year or private vs public, we create a ranked list of ‘perfect match’ colleges.

The Innate Match (3-Step Process)

1.  Student completes 4-minute assessmentSee how your student is innately wired

2.  Explore matching careers together - Selecting careers of interest that align with your student's innate wiring is critical for long term happiness.

3.  Find the perfect college and major match - So your student can thrive in a college and major that sets them up for their innately matched career path.

Learn the College Facts

  • Average time to graduate is 6 years, NOT 4 years!
  • Majority of students change majors multiple times
  • Each extra year of college costs $18,000 - $42,000

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