How to Choose a College Major

Innate uses 15 years’ experience profiling 1,200 marketplace careers to help you find the right career and college major. Our proven system leverages this research to predict specific college majors and careers you will be engaged and fulfilled pursing.

How we match you with a college major.

It all starts with the Innate Personality Assessment

How do you decide what you want to do with the rest of your life?

Facts on College and Selecting Majors:

  • There are over 7,800 colleges in America.
  • 70% of undergraduates change their major at least once and 50% change it three or more times, resulting in an additional 2 years of college and costs.
  • Average time for a student to complete college is now 6 years.
  • Two extra years of college will cost you between $36,000 and $82,000 (average between public and private).

How to make a career choice you can be confident in?

The Innate Personality Assessment helps get college right the first time. The assessment is based on over a decade of research on thousands of successful employees from hundreds of leading companies to create our comprehensive Marketplace Career Mapping. The assessment helps students understand how they are innately wired–their interest, talents, passions as well as their unique and unchanging attributes. This helps us understand what they are wired for and what majors and programs they should pursue in college.

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"Being able to narrow which college majors are a great fit for me, INNATE has taken much of the stress out of declaring my major with confidence."
Sarah J, College Student