Realize your dreams in college

   - Which is the best college for me?

   - Have you declared your major?

   - What is the ideal career to pursue?

It all starts with knowing how you are innately wired, so you can confidently choose the right major and college to pursue your ideal career.  This is the Innate Match process.

How does the Innate Match work?

Innate can help you with the college planning process by first starting with understanding how you are innately wired, your unchanging attributes.  With this understanding, Innate Match can tell you which careers your are innately wired to be engaged and fulfilled in and the college majors to get you into your ideal career.



Watch why the founder of Innate created the Innate Match.

John Hall, CEO and Founder of Innate

STEP ONE: Take the free 4-minute Innate Assessment

to know your innate and unchanging nature


STEP TWO: If you like the results, upgrade to the Innate Match

and get your personalized ranking of careers, majors and colleges (includes everything below)

Career Match 

Match to careers based on your assessment results

Major Match 

Match college majors for each career you like

College Match 

Find the perfect match college based on careers

Here are some important facts about college

  • Average time to graduate is 5 1/2 years, NOT 4 years!
  • Majority of students change majors multiple times
  • Additional 1 1/2 years of college costs $35,000 - $67,000