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Find the perfect college match that gets you headed in the right career direction
Starting with the end in mind, Innate can find the perfect college match for
you to pursue the careers you are interested in.

How We Help Your College Search

Search for College by Finding Yourself

High school students searching for the perfect college can be left drowning in rankings, ratings, brands, and advice. Innate provides a clear picture of your best options by focusing on the student, not the college.

We use two inputs: how you’re wired from The Innate Personality Assessment and the Marketplace Career Mapping. This lets us identify specific college majors that will put you on the path to your ideal career. Then once you input your college preferences, for example, location, 4-year vs 2-year or private vs public, we create a ranked list of ‘perfect match’ colleges.

Recommended for:

  • High School Students (direction)

  • College Students (transferring)

  • Adults (career change training)

It all starts with the Innate Assessment

The college search is the first big decision we make. 70% of college students change their major at least once and 50% change it three or more times, resulting in 2 extra years of college and costs.

The best way to fix this situation is to turn it around. Start by using the Innate Assessment to help you understand what careers you are innately wired. Then we can help you choose the right major and search for which colleges are a perfect match. We can also help you understand how much debt your career match can carry. This puts you in the best position to have a purposeful, fulfilling life.

"INNATE is a foundation for helping students find a pathway to their future."