Being unemployed is going to be tough

If you are currently unemployed due to the pandemic crisis, you are not alone. 36 million jobs have been lost since the lock-down and it appears that millions are not coming back.  So if you need to consider another job, target jobs that you are especially good at.

Don't just find any job, find the right one

It all starts with finding out how you are wired

Innate's assessment has been used in the corporate marketplace for over 25 years with millions of assessments taken since 1995. Based on a person's assessment results (innate wiring), the Innate Match can guide them towards careers where similarly wired workers are engaged, successful and fulfilled.

STEP ONE: Take the free 4-minute Innate Assessment

to know your innate and unchanging nature


STEP TWO: If you like the results, upgrade to the Innate Match

and get your personalized ranking of careers

Innate Assessment 

Know your innate and unchanging nature 


Career Matches 

Career mapping to your specific innate wiring


Unfortunately fewer jobs and more competition for them

Job Loss Pie

36 million jobs lost since lock-down

and 42% of these jobs aren't coming back.

15 million jobs are gone forever

42% of the 36 million jobs will be permanently gone.

Source:  University of Chicago Study, May 2020

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Leading Marketplace Assessment

  • 25+ years in the marketplace
  • Millions of assessments taken

Research & Evaluation

  • Hundreds of careers profiled
  • 100,000+ individuals evaluated

70 years combined experience

  • Industrial & Organizational Psychology
  • Psychometrics
  • Career Profiling & Counseling

Innate's Mission: Helping Humanity

For every $3 we make, we give $1 away!

We are committed to dedicating at least one-third of our annual net profits to a giving fund managed by our Giving Team.  Innate will give impact grants to local partners around the world who are entrepreneurial in their approach and working to create positive change across three impact areas (Children, the Environment and the Marginalized).

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