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Finding the Best Majors for Intuitive Young Women (or Men)

In guiding individuals down promising roads to careers that suit their personalities, we’ve learned a lot. As it turns out, 22 percent of the high-school females we’ve worked with are grouped as “intuitive” after taking Innate’s assessment. According to our data, this is the second most common characteristic for young women. What does “intuitive” mean?…

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Find the Best Majors, Colleges and Careers by Starting with the End in Mind

Earning a four-year college degree in four years is so 1980s. “Time to completion of the baccalaureate degree has increased markedly in the United States over the last three decades,” says a paper by the National Bureau of Economic Research. Four-Year Myth, a report by the nonprofit Complete College America, says that at most public…

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What Is A “Net Price Calculator” for College?

If you sit through a financial aid workshop or meeting with a college counselor, you’re bound to hear a lot of intimidating terms. Even other parents at back-to-school night nonchalantly toss around insider information. It’s easy to panic when you don’t know your COA from your FAFSA, or where to get a net price calculator.…

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Understanding College Debt

Every spring, high school seniors across the U.S. are thrilled to open emails from colleges bearing the message, “Congratulations, you have been accepted!” But the excitement wanes as students and their parents ask, “How much college debt can we handle? How do we figure out how much we’ll need to pay?” College is expensive and…

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