Magnifying Glass

Know your innate and unchanging nature.
For over 20 years, the Innate Assessment has been helping individuals discover who they truly are, what makes them unique, their strengths and challenges, along with their learning styles.


Innate uses the Core Value Index (CVI) Personality Assessment. It’s the most reliable tool ever
created for understanding your true self because it focuses on what Abraham Maslow called
the unchanging nature of a person. It quantifies and characterizes your unchanging nature so
you can discover where you can make your best contribution in the world.

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The personality assessment you can count on.

The CVI personality assessment has the highest retest reliability (repeat-score similarity) of any instrument in the industry at over 97%.

A recent 3rd party research study determined that people taking the CVImultiple times (Retest from 1 – 10 years apart) shows an astonishing 97.7% repeat-score reliability. Other well-known collegiate personality assessments typically retest in the mid-70% range in the first 90 days, and tend to drop off after a year or more.

What does all this mean? In short, you could take the Innate Personality Assessment today, and your score will be almost identical 10 or 20 years later. It’s an accurate picture of how you’re wired, that won’t change while you’re at college or years later when you’re well into your career.

Recommended for:

  • Middle School Students

  • High School Students

  • College Students

"The INNATE Assessment has been eye-opening to identify how each of our students are hard-wired, what makes them unique from others in their class and how they learn best in the classroom. Even our parents have appreciated better understanding their children."