Help students understand who they truly are and how best to approach college

Innate Advisor™ Platform

Innate Advisor™ is a platform designed for advisors to help students understand who they truly are based on the education sector’s most reliable assessment (97% accuracy) and guiding them through a proven approach towards college.

Innate Advisor Platform provides:

  • FREE Assessment Package
    • Unlimited Innate Assessments
    • $1,000 Innate Scholarships (monthly awards)
    • College Essay Writing tool
  • OPTIONAL Innate Match Package
    • Find their perfect match college
    • Find their ideal career
    • Find their right college major to declare

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"Innate Advisor has streamlined my efforts to engage students in preparing for college, while giving students insight into their individual identity."

Arnie K, High School Counselor

Magnifying Glass

Innate Assessment

Know your innate and unchanging nature

For over 20 years, the Innate Assessment has been helping students discover who they truly are, what makes them unique, their strengths and challenges, along with their learning styles.


Essay Writing Tool

Create a College Application Essay in 4-Simple Steps

Innate’s College Essay Writing tool helps students write a personalized college application essay that college admissions officers will want to read.

Brief Case Career

Career Match

Unmatched career mapping experience

Over the past 20 years, our assessment has been used to profile over 1,200 careers by Fortune 500 firms and hundreds of other companies. Innate can find the ideal career based on how you are wired.

Target Major

Major Match

Identify the right college major that gets you into the career you were wired for

Innate can find the ideal college major and career for you, allowing you to graduate in 4-years without extra student loan debt.

College Cap 3

College Match

Find the perfect match college that gets you headed in the right career direction

Starting with the end in mind, Innate can find the perfect match college for you to pursue the careers you are interested in.

4-Year Degree Guarantee

If your students follow the Innate Match process and don't graduate in 4 years, Innate will give 10 times their money back.

More information

Parent Portal

Engage Parents in the college discussion

with the Parent Dashboard

The Innate Match will not only calculate which careers and majors a student is innately wired to be happy and fulfilled in, but provides a tool (Parent Dashboard) for parents to engage with their child to create a college plan.

"Innate Advisor is a foundation for helping students find a pathway to their future."

Rod Johanson, Director of Academic Success Center, Warner Pacific College

How to create a college plan you can be confident in?

High school students searching for the perfect college can be left drowning in rankings, ratings, brands, and advice. Innate provides a clear picture of your best options by focusing on the student, not the college.  We use two inputs: how you’re wired from The Innate Personality Assessment and the Marketplace Career Mapping. This lets us identify specific college majors that will put you on the path to your ideal career. Then once you input your college preferences, for example, location, 4-year vs 2-year or private vs public, we create a ranked list of ‘perfect match’ colleges.

See how Innate Advisor can help your students

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"Students get excited to learn about themselves. Innate gives students permission to think of themselves differently and in positive ways."

Marissa C. – Villanova Preparatory School