or 10-times your money back


The Innate Match Guarantee

We are so confident that if you follow the Innate Match process and don’t graduate with a college degree in four-years, we will give you 10 times your money back.

That is the Innate 4-Year Degree Guarantee!

The Innate Match Process

  1. Purchase the Innate Match tool.
  2. Choose your ‘career favorites’ from the Career Matches.
  3. Select a college that meets your preferences and has the college majors to support your ‘career favorites’.
  4. Declare your final major that supports one of your ‘career favorites’ sophomore year, and begin classes in your declared major starting first semester/quarter junior year.
  5. Graduate with a degree in your declared major within four-years.
  6. If your graduation is delayed due to declaring any additional major(s) or minor(s), this guarantee doesn’t apply.