Top Workplace Traits for Millennials

Millennials At Work

Are you ready to find a new job or perhaps start a career in an entirely new field of work? How do you even begin the task of finding something new or knowing what might work for you? A great first step is to evaluate your dominant personality traits to identify the few stand-outs you can highlight when searching and interviewing for your next role. 

Top 3 Most Dominant Traits for Millennials

Our expert research with over one million participants shows that Adaptive, Creative, and Diligent are the top three most common dominant traits for millennials. Here’s a deeper dive into what those terms mean:

  • Adaptive: this trait comes from a high level of agreeableness, meaning that you are likely to prioritize getting along with others, adjusting to ensure that others’ needs are met, and willing to make changes as needed. 
  • Creative: as you may have guessed, this trait leans towards imagination and free thinking. Your curiosity leads you, and you likely see life as a series of opportunities to explore. 
  • Diligent: the most structured of the top three traits, and an inclination for responsibility. It points towards your dependability, and your capacity to complete the projects you start. 

Any of these traits can be helpful as you navigate the professional world. For example, consider how your adaptability could help you get your team on board with a big change. Or how your creativity could help you work around a big obstacle. Or how your diligence can translate to the grit you need to get through the challenges of implementing a new process. In each instance, you can rely on one of your innate traits to help you manage a major task. 

The combination of these traits can be truly powerful. 

Think of how being adaptive and creative could help you problem solve while keeping your peers engaged. Or how being creative and diligent could help you to keep exploring opportunities until you find the right fit. Taking confidence in these traits and how they work together can help you to reposition yourself, redraft your resume, and bring fresh energy to figuring out what is next. 

Whether you are starting your career journey or unengaged and frustrated with your current job, Innate has helped hundreds of thousands of people identify specific careers that they are innately wired to be engaged and fulfilled in.

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