Finding the Best Majors for Intuitive Young Women (or Men)

In guiding individuals down promising roads to careers that suit their personalities, we’ve learned a lot. As it turns out, 22 percent of the high-school females we’ve worked with are grouped as “intuitive” after taking Innate’s assessment. According to our data, this is the second most common characteristic for young women.

What does “intuitive” mean? At Innate we see it as a combination of the “builder” and “merchant” core values:

“The Intuitive nature is a combination of the Builder and Merchant core values. Builders and Merchants are both intuitive in their thinking. Builders value acting from the gut, from impulse. Merchants, also intuitive, value acting from love. Both of these values rely on spontaneity…Intuitive people tend to act without a lot of thought or second-guessing. They tend to make quick decisions based upon the way things feel and the way they feel about things. They believe in their own capacity to know what to do next.”

If you are intuitive, you’d most likely do well in people-centric jobs, such as sales or account management. These jobs play well to the strength of being able to think quick on your feet.

Here are three examples of careers that are well suited for “intuitive” young women (or men) and the best majors to help you get there:

Account Manager. Interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence and clear thinking are critical skills here, which align well with “intuitive” strengths. Some of the best majors for this career path are Business & Management, Marketing & Sales, Development (non-profit) or Communications.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). As an “intuitive”, urgent and relationship-oriented person, you can perform tasks such as quickly assess and administer first aid or life support, operate equipment and take action. The best training program for this career path is an Emergency Medical Technology/Technician (EMT Paramedic) certification.

Advertising & Promotions Managers. Being driven, results-oriented and have an ability to build relationships are key to performing tasks such as plan and prepare advertising and promotional material to increase sales of products or services, confer with clients to understand needs and provide advice, and direct, motivate, and monitor the mobilization of a team to advance campaign goals. Some of the best majors for this career path are Public Relations, Advertising, Communications, and Marketing Management.

Knowing the best majors for the future careers you want allows you to choose a college wisely. Being in the best major for one’s career, at the right college, can keep a four-year degree program to its intended four years, not the new normal of six. This saves time and money.

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